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Helpful Moving Tips and Articles

Here are some helpful articles and info on moving from proper preparation before your move to the actual moving day!

Tape Your Boxes!

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when packing their own belongings is not using tape on the... READ MORE - Click Here

A box is a box, right?

NO, and that is a common misconception among everyday people who only uses boxes a few times during their lifetime, like at moving time. I guess a lot of people think that if something will fit in the box, then the box will hold it. That may be true for light weight items, but... READ MORE - Click Here

How To Save Money Packing Clothes

This goes against the proper way to pack clothes but it is used by many people and... READ MORE - Click Here

How to Save Money Moving Long Distances Across The Country

What is the newest trend when people have to pay for long distance moves with their own money? READ MORE - Click Here

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