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This page is for our Customers to Prepare for their Scheduled Move

For all Moves Scheduled With Us:

There are many things to do to prepare for moving day in general and we have this page for just those items. The information here is for our customers to know using us to complete your move.

Here is a list of things to prepare for your move:

1.) Make sure we have your cell phone number so we can get a hold of you on moving day. People usually take moving day off from work and home phones are sometimes disconnected before the day of your move so those numbers are usually not the best way to get a hold of you.

2.) Make sure you have planned a payment method to pay for the move. Sometimes people need to turn in a bill, receipt, w-9, or something else for reimbursement or payment. Let us know in advance so we can help submit the proper paperwork when needed.

3.) Don't plan too much on moving day. I know people are in a hurry to get moved in and they want cable, phones, and other items installed before they move in and are tempted to schedule it on moving day. These things really need to be done before moving day. If that is not possible you may have to schedule it after moving day. If you really want to squeeze it all in on moving day, be prepared if things don't go as planned.

4.) Unless your move is scheduled for 9am as the first job of the day, any later scheduled time is a target time. That means we are targeting that time to make it for your move. If it appears we will be running late for your move, we will call you with an updated time frame. We have to complete the customer's move in front of you before we can start a new move. We try to plan our moving schedule correctly but we are basing our time estimates from the information customers give us.

Here is an example: Most apartment moves (over 80%) only take 2 to 3 hours so we stack apartment moves up at 9am, 1pm, and 5pm. Now some apartments, although not many, have as much square feet as a house and will take longer to move. Sometimes, they have longer than normal walk ways, like 3rd floor units around the back of the building.

Here is another example: 80% of 1 bedroom apartments take less than 2 hours to move across town, 18% of 1 bedroom apartments take between 2 to 3 hours to move across town. The other 2% take longer than 3 hours. Some people are "hoarders" or they use their apartment as temporary storage while waiting on a new home. Those moves take longer can put our crews behind schedule. We can still get your move done on the same day, but be prepared if it starts later than expected. Our crews will work late to finish your move that day.

Additional Items For Moves Scheduled with Our Labor Only Crews:

Since we are not transporting your belongings in our own vehicles, here are some things you need to prepare for when using Rental Trucks or Storage Containers (POD Units) that will transport your belongings.

Our labor crews will have dollies, tools, and equipment to load or unload your belongings but we take them with us when we are finished. Don't forget the other items that stay on the truck, trailer, or container with your belongings once its loaded.

1.) Provide enough Furniture Pads (Moving Blankets) to wrap your furniture. Most rental truck companies will also rent you the furniture pads along with the truck. Here is a blog on how to count the number of Pads needed so that you have enough to protect your belongings.

2.) Have some rope or tie down straps. Usually a small amount of rope is all that is needed to keep items and the load from shifting while it travels down the road. You can usually buy a small bag of rope when you rent the truck or at any home improvement supply store. The best rope to use is 1/4 inch nylon rope. Its not too big and not too small in diameter and it comes in bags of 50 feet which is plenty enough for a truck load. Avoid natural "sisal" type of rope because it does not have any "stretch" to it. Nylon rope will "stretch" a little so that you can tie something up and the rope will have a snug fit. If the rope doesn't "stretch" any at all then it is hard to get it tied tightly to prevent movement when traveling.

3.) Make sure you have additional transportation insurance. Our coverage only includes items while it is on our care or control. Once we have your truck or unit loaded, our job is done and our coverage ends. Transportation Coverage will cover your belongings while it is being transported, so you need to make sure you provide coverage for your belongings. Since we are not transporting your belongings in our vehicles, our transportation coverage does not apply when someone else is transporting it. If your belongings are damaged from a truck wreck or from bouncing down the road, you will meed Transportation Coverage for that. Most rental companies offer additional transportation coverage so make sure you look into that and cover yourself accordingly.


Occasionally an accident happens and a claim needs to be filed. If you need to file a claim, please visit our Claims Page.

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