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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed? Yes, we are licensed with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to move household goods in Oklahoma. Our United States Department of Transportation number is US DOT # 2179638 OK. You can look us up on the OCC website under the "For Hire Household Goods Carriers". Back to FAQ Top

Are you insured? Yes, one of the qualifications to obtain and renew an annual household goods certificate is to be properly insured by the State and Federal guidelines. The state does not take anyone's word for it, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission requires the insurance company itself to file proof of the moving company's insurance with the State of Oklahoma. Back to FAQ Top

Are you the cheapest moving company around? Well, we try to be the most affordable, legal, and legitimate moving company around, but with that said... That doesn't mean some fly by night company or person will have a ridiculously low or cheap price. But buyer beware, super cheap prices usually mean that someone is desperate and cutting corners to operate at such a low price. Things like NOT being licensed (even when they say they are) NOT being insured (its super expensive), NOT using the proper equipment (to protect your belongings and dwelling), using unskilled minimum wage labor (when you hire pros, you deserve real professionals)... all that can save on overhead and allow someone to operate really CHEAP. So to answer your question, we may not be the cheapest, but we strive to be one of the most affordable moving companies that offer real full time moving professionals with a legally licensed and insured company. Back to FAQ Top

Do you use day-labor or temp help? No, we only use fully trained and professional movers. Sure, we could hire help for less than half of what we pay our movers, but our reputation as using dependable, hard working, careful, and professional movers is at stake. To us, that is more important than making a few extra dollars profit by using unqualified/unskilled help. Back to FAQ Top

Do you wrap and protect my belongings? Yes, we use the heavy duty furniture pads (a.k.a. moving blankets) to wrap your belongings so they do not rub together while in transport. Back to FAQ Top

Do you use shrink wrap to wrap my furniture? Yes, shrink wrap is used to keep drawers and doors from opening unintentionally while being moved. Shrink wrap does not provide any protection from scratches, that's what furniture pads are for. That means not every piece of furniture will benefit from shrink wrap, but we do shrink wrap the items that need it. Back to FAQ Top

Do you offer moving services on weekends? Yes, were are open 7 days a week. Back to FAQ Top

Do you offer moving services on holidays? Yes, we are open on holidays. Back to FAQ Top

Is it OK to tip movers in the moving business? Yes, movers are a preforming a service and it is normal to tip the movers who do preform a good service. You don't tip the company, you tip the actual movers working on your move. Back to FAQ Top

On hourly jobs, when do you start and stop the clock? We don't start the clock until we arrive at your first location, and we stop the clock at your last location, when we are completely done. We are NOT on the clock to get to your first location and we are NOT on the clock to drive home to our warehouse. Back to FAQ Top

How much time into an hour do I have to go to be charged for a whole hour? While some companies will charge you for another hour just by going more than 10 minutes into it, we don't operate that way. We round off our time in 15 minute increments so that you only pay for parts of the hour you actually use. Back to FAQ Top

How much is your gas/fuel/diesel/travel/trip - fee/charge/expense? There are many names and terms that basically mean a gas fee. We call it a Travel Fee and since we are based in Tulsa, the Travel Fee for Tulsa City Limits is $29. Since our big moving trucks are designed to haul heavy loads rather than get good fuel mileage, they drink a lot of gas. So the further away we drive out of Tulsa, the Travel Fee rises accordingly, but we try to keep it as affordable as possible while covering rising gas prices. Back to FAQ Top

Do you have any hidden fees? No, all our fees are disclosed on the work order (Household Goods Bill of Lading) you sign before the move starts.

Here are some common examples of fees that some moving companies charge for and our response. Back to FAQ Top

  • Do you charge extra for flights of stairs? No
  • Do you charge extra based on the weather? No
  • Do you charge extra for credit cards? No
  • Do you charge extra for same day service? No
  • Do you charge extra for weekends or holidays? No, we charge the same rates 365 days a year.
  • Do you charge extra fees for extra large items? No, not for the item itself. If something requires additional movers, then the normal rate for that number of movers will apply. (Example: Different rates for a 2 man crew, 3 man crew, 4 man crew, etc..)

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If you have a question that is not answered here feel free to contact us so we can help you.

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