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Our Professional Movers make apartment moving in Tulsa affordable and we also move people all over Oklahoma. Our Special Pricing for Tulsa Apartment Moves are where your current home, your new home, and any storages or other stops along the way are all within Tulsa City Limits. Moving Tulsa Apartments (or small size loads) start out at $209 and includes: 2 men with a fully equipped Moving Truck for the first 2 hours plus the Tulsa Gas Fee is included.

After the first 2 hours an hourly rate of $90 will be charged for the remainder of the move. We round off our time at 15 minute intervals so you don't have to pay for a whole hour if you only use part of it. Also we don't start the clock until we arrive at the first location and we stop the clock when we get the truck unloaded. You don't pay for us to drive back and forth to our warehouse.

Example #1:

A Tulsa Move that lasts 2 hours or less will only be $209

Example #2:

A Tulsa Move that lasts 3 Hours and 35 minutes will be a total of $337.50 ($209 for the first 2 hours plus the additional hours (1.75 hours x $90 = $157.50) equals a total of $337.50)

80% of 1 bedroom apartments within Tulsa are done in less than 2 hours and about Half the 2 bedroom apartments are done in less than 2 hours.

We also offer affordable rates on Mileage/Gas to Cities outside of the Tulsa Area.

Some jobs require more than 2 men and our prices are some of the lowest in town! 3 Man jobs start at $269 for the first 2 hours and only $120 per hour for a three man crew, prorated in 15 minute increments after that.

Our Apartment Truck is a 16ft Box Truck that holds approx 800 cubic feet which will fit most 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. We also have bigger trucks for houses which hold about 1350 cubic feet or an average 2000 sqft house. Same hourly rates apply but with 3 hour minimums on the 24-26ft trucks.

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